Feng Shui Consultation

When you Feng Shui your home, you Feng Shui your life!

Did you know that the energy in your physical surroundings impacts all areas of your life, including your health, relationships, career, financial issues, and more? Nothing is off limits!

Feng Shui techniques can help improve the energy flow in your home and your body, and improves your connection to your home. Manipulating the energy in your home to improve the energy flow, not only increases the beauty in your physical space, but also uplifts your energetic space so everything feels good. This energetic shift can impact your relationship with money, with family and friends, and will even allow for better support of your overall health and wellness.

Feng Shui includes the implementation of looking at your home using a variety of methods.  These principles include looking at furniture placement, aligning Chinese elements (water, earth, metal, fire, wood) within your physical space, and implementing the Bagua map. I use the Bagua map to analyze your space, and devise a plan to create optimum chi (energy) flow throughout your home, which will extend outward into your life.

Bianca is very intuitive and creative in her work. She taught me how my external setting could better reflect my internal self which has helped me inhabit all of my rooms. I am feeling more grounded and comfortable in my home since working with her. Thank you!
— Matthew M. Sutton, MA

Who will benefit from a Feng Shui Consultation?

You will benefit from a Feng Shui Consultation if

  • your home feels like it’s lacking, isn't quite working, or doesn't feel right.

  • you have experienced an ongoing decline in abundance, success, relationships, health or all around luck since moving into your home.

  • you need a boost of good fortune in the areas of abundance, success, relationships, creativity, travel, and health.

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, MIND and SOUL

What is a Feng Shui Consultation?

A Feng Shui consultation is a full analysis of the energy flow inside and outside of your home. During this consultation, each space in and around your home - the surrounding houses, the streets surrounding your home, the entrance to your house, the outside landscapes, trees, and each of the rooms on the inside of your home - is carefully analyzed. You will receive simple instructions to benefit the chi (energy) flow all around your property and home according to the Feng Shui principles. Sometimes the fixes are quick and easy adjustments that can be made to promote better fortune, other times, we may need to look a bit more deeply to solve the problem.

Bianca removes the overwhelm out of this process by giving you a step-by-step guide on how to gradually change the energy within your living environment. This is a progressive unfolding that is adaptable to your available time, resources and life circumstances. At the end of the process, you’ll have all the information you need to improve your life, home and fortune.

What results occur after a Feng Shui consultation?

  • You will notice positive shifts within the areas you have been struggling with, whether this be a better relationship with your partner, attraction of a new loving relationship, more success in your business, more financial flow to your life or even all around better fortune!

  • You’ll experience an all around sense of well-being and harmony in your home.

  • You’ll feel a sense of "freedom" and "ease" in your body and home.

What is the process?

After Bianca receives a drawing, pictures and videos of your home space, she analyzes your home from all Feng Shui angles. Decor, furniture placement, closets, ovens, beds, windows, door placement, garages, and even walkways are all thoroughly considered and notes are produced. If you wish, for an additional cost, Bianca will create a digitized copy of your home so that you can actually SEE the Feng Shui resolutions she will share with you. A full report is written up and Bianca will review everything with you, step-by-step, leaving you with the actionable steps and solutions you need to take control of and adjust the energy flow in your home and life.

Take a journey with Bianca to heal your HOME, BODY, and SOUL

Where, When and How?


In order to begin, you’ll email or text a hand drawn architectural layout of your home to Bianca (she’ll give you directions to make this an easy and simple process) along with photos and videos of your home. You’ll receive explanations of the 5 element personality types, so we can decide what environment best suits your soul. You’ll also be interviewed about your hopes and desires for your life and home.


While Bianca carefully analyzes your home from every angle (this usually takes about 5-7 days), she will have given you things to already start implementing. If you chose to start the process prior to the full consultation report, you can really start to excel your luck immediately!


Bianca will email and review over the phone your uniquely written Feng Shui report, with example pictures (making it super easy to follow), step-by-step suggestions and fixes for you to implement that directly address the most pressing issues in your life. You can implement these at any time or make minor changes over time to reap the Feng Shui benefits, there is ZERO overwhelm!

Let’s get started. Schedule your Feng Shui Consultation now.

Are you ready to attract better fortune so you can have more success in the areas you currently struggle with? Perhaps you’ll attract that promotion at work you need to gain more financial stability.

Are you ready to live in a home that feels good and fills you with vitality? Perhaps you’ll finally be able to have that deep sleep you need to have enough energy to juggle all of life’s circumstances.

When you Feng Shui your home, you Feng Shui your life!

Your consultation includes:

  • Includes 60 minute interview with Bianca. You will leave this call with  valuable tools you can start implementing immediately.

  • A detailed Feng Shui Consultation audio recorded for you to keep forever (approx. 1 - 2.5 hours)

  • And if you wish, you may purchase the optional digital layout, including action steps for you to implement, including details such as placement of furniture and landscaping, so that you can actually SEE the Feng Shui recommended changes. This will be an invaluable resource for you to keep and use along your Feng Shui journey ($150 investment).