Intuitive Reiki Alignment

Igniter and Mirror of Truth, Natasha reflects what your Spirit asks for.

If you’re ready to heal on a deeper level - physically, emotionally, energetically - Intuitive Reiki Alignment might be exactly what you need.

Intuitive Distance Reiki is a powerful tool for healing. Reiki is a healing technique where the therapist acts as a channel for energy, connecting with the patient’s energetic system. Your body knows how to heal itself, Reiki simply brings more attention to certain areas and directs the body to healing, restoring physical and emotional well-being.

Intuitive Reiki includes messages and wisdom passed through the channel from client, guides, or alternative mediums. In this session, Natasha conducts your healing session remotely, from any distance. The beautiful power of Intuitive Reiki is that it not only allows Natasha to connect to you and channel healing for what is out of alignment right now, but it also reaches beyond the present time, unpacking stories and wounds from the past, and allowing them to surface for healing.

Natasha Allain - Intuitive Reiki Alignment

Working closely with the energetic healing system of Sensei Usui, as well as her Team of Spirit Guides, Natasha brings her own medicine bag of tools to each session. She believes her clairvoyant healing gift is truly unique, offering her clients a one of a kind healing experience.

As a Felt-Sense Intuitive, meaning that Natasha has the ability to not only “see” intuitively, but she can also “feel” intuitively, this allows her to receive integral messages from both your Higher Self & Guides relating to the state of your physical and energetic bodies. Natasha then helps you to integrate this information into your current experience, helping to clear and balance your energy, leaving you feeling empowered, supported, and aligned.

Let's tune into your physical and emotional needs, and uncover the connections between energetic blocks or imbalances and any physical tension or pain you've been experiencing. Through Intuitive Reiki Alignment, Natasha can help you release these blocks and emotional patterns or stories you've been holding on to, so that you are free to thrive - physically, emotionally, and energetically.

There is no time like the present to begin living your truest path. Change does not happen to us, we must choose change. Heal, ignite, and transform with Natasha today.

Who will benefit from an Intuitive Reiki Alignment?

You will benefit from an Intuitive Reiki Alignment if you...

  • feel stuck or stagnant in your life and want to free yourself from old patterns that are no longer serving you.

  • feel imbalance in your body and want to restore and renew on a cellular level.

  • feel a shift in your consciousness and want to uncover your true potential and innate gifts.

  • want to foster a deeper connection inwards and be in direct communication with your Intuition and Guides.

  • feel like you are in a powerful place and want to ignite and invite in the love and light of the universe.

(In my session with Natasha) I felt incredibly relaxed right from the beginning. Natasha was very attuned to my needs and seemed to know who I was; that allowed for some youthful feelings to surface back to my consciousness. My first session inspired clarity and insight towards lessons I had learned earlier on in life, but became disconnected from, as time has gone on…
— Rob Williams, Sole Proprietor of Nutrientdense

There is no time like the present to begin living your truest path. Change does not happen to us, we must choose change. Heal, ignite, and transform with Natasha today.

What is an Intuitive Reiki Alignment?

We each have 7 major energy centers within our body, and each one of these energy centers not only impact our emotional self, but also our physical bodies. Reiki is a tool that helps to align these energy centers, as their state of balance is so critical for good health and overall wellness, inside and out.

Reiki knows no religion or dogma. Reiki does not discriminate or forcefully push its energy on you. Reiki is a wonderful non-invasive form of therapy that requires a person to simply consent to the healing light and love of Reiki. Reiki does not require you to relive traumatic experiences, or find the words to articulate your feelings. Reiki will never ask you to go beyond your boundaries, unless you’re ready.

People ask me what Reiki can offer them, and in extension, the world. This is what I share:

  • Reiki reminds me to live in the present, and in this present state I am able to experience more sensation and emotion. In this present moment, I am then given the gift of freedom from the concepts of good and bad, fears, and worry – I simply am.
  • With the help of Reiki, I have begun to love myself more fully, and with this developing Self-love I have been able to love others more fully. I have more compassion and interest in meeting people where they are instead of wanting or trying to change them. We are all but mirrors for one another.
  • And lastly, Reiki acts as a catalyst for my body’s ability to heal itself. The Body alone knows how to heal itself. Reiki simply brings more attention to certain areas and directs the body to healing.


For some, Reiki is body-work, for others it is an alternative healing approach, or a basic meditation tool. Reiki is the quintessential self-help system, to bring us back in touch with our innate, all-pervading life energy. Intuitive Reiki will teach you how to see and in return love yourself more deeply. Reiki can be offered to all individuals – children, adults, those who are conscious or unconscious – animals, spaces, and objects.

In this particular Intuitive Reiki session, I am able to tune into your energy, from any physical distance, and help to redirect it. I use my training and intuitive skill to balance your energy, allowing you to reconnect with the innate and perfect wisdom within each energetic center. As this balancing occurs and the energetic center moves back toward a state of harmony, you can align your energetic column and operate at a higher level of consciousness. Allowing you to come into a deeper sense of awareness of self, and to help you make choices for your life that serve your Highest good.

There is no time like the present to begin living your truest path. Change does not happen to us, we must choose change. Heal, ignite, and transform with Natasha today.

Where, When and How?


The mere intention to shift your energy and surrender your mind, could be enough to allow your intuition to turn up louder and actively work with you to find your way back to balance and harmony. During the checkout process I will ask you to choose your prefered method for session.

1) I can perform Intuitive Reiki Alignment at a distance and provide you with a detailed report outlining insights and images received. For this I will require your current name, full birth name, as well as a photograph of you so I can visualize your face during your healing session.

2) If you would prefer to be present during your Intuitive Reiki Alignment, I will ask you to schedule a time for a Zoom Call, where you and I can be in live communication throughout your alignment. Here, I will be free to interact with you in real time and you can record our session for your own notes and reference.


Your presence is not necessary during Intuitive Reiki Alignment. However, if you have scheduled a Zoom Call, then I will ask you to find a calm and quiet space for yourself to enjoy during the session. Clearing your space with sage, palo santo, or other sacred herbs would be an additional benefit (but not necessary). Additionally, I can connect you with my own curated Intuitive Reiki Healing playlist online. Once you have created a sacred space for yourself, you can lay down and soak up the rays of love and light as I open up my channels. Here we can speak with one another and I will be free to ask you questions and actively follow where insights lead us in session. Healing will flow for 60 minutes and there will be time both before and after to connect and debrief.

If you have booked a Reiki Alignment at a distance, then I will keep my channels open for 60 minutes, providing you with a detailed report and integration questions to follow.

In both methods, it is quite common to feel my “psychic hands” at different parts of your body, you may experience other sensations such as swirling, itching, bubbling, or sometimes sharp pains and aches. This is the work of Reiki and deep energetic healing. You can expect to feel heavier and more grounded, calm and relaxed. Some people will fall asleep - this is okay, it is your body responding effectively and entering you into a deep healing state.


Following your session, if you have space and time to have a bath or partake in free stream journaling, both can help further your healing and integration. It is also imperative to drink an extra 1.5 litres of water and eat a high protein meal following your session. Your body will need both the environment and nutrients to facilitate change and growth.

If you chose the Distant Intuitive Reiki Alignment, you will receive an audio report from our session. If you require a written transcription of your audio report, there will be an additional administrative fee and it may take 2-4 business days to deliver.

Let’s get started. Schedule your Intuitive Reiki Alignment now.

There is no time like the present to begin living your truest path. Change does not happen to us, we must choose change. Heal, ignite, and transform with Natasha today.

Your healing includes:

  • A 60 minute Intuitive Reiki Alignment session, restoring your body and mind, while redirecting energy to flow harmoniously between each of your energetic centers.

  • A detailed audio report, providing you with the insights and visions that came through during your session.