Higher Self Messenger

Intuitive Energy Healing, Intuitive Guidance, Akashic Records & Reiki

“The Visions are Mine, the Messages are Yours”

The Universe is trying to speak to you. Can you hear its message? Sometimes its voice might resemble a tiny nagging sensation that something is “not quite right”, and at other times, it may be a powerful roar, showing up in your life as a full on “crisis”. Whatever the means of communication, the Universe’s whispers, cues, and flat out screams are there. They are nudging you, guiding you, leading you in a new direction; a direction where you can find answers, find information, and ultimately, to find more joy, more abundance and more peace. Are you willing to tune in?

In this day and age, we are pulled in so many directions, family, career, and personal responsibilities. The pressure to be plugged in and connected, are ever present, but connected to who? And for what purpose? Are you connected to the surface issues of life, or are you connected to your Soul?

Are there days when you ask yourself, am I enough? Why am I working so hard? Why can’t I get ahead? Why is my love relationship struggling, stagnant, falling apart or empty? Why are my children causing me so much distress? Why can’t I keep up financially with the “Joneses”? Why am I so unhappy, listless, lethargic, and just plain lost?

As a Higher Self Messenger, my main purpose in this lifetime is to help you hear the whispers, the cues, and yes, even the roar of the Universe. I can help you decipher the information that your Highest Self is wanting you to know, right now. I assist you by sharing the information that will lead you to more JOY, more ABUNDANCE and to experience a greater sense of PEACE in your life.

Laurie helped me at a time in my life when I needed exceptional guidance and support. Laurie was able to use her gift to help me settle my past, my grief and sorrow, and light the way into my future. Laurie was straightforward and kind, nonjudgemental and heartfelt. She can make anyone a believer!
— Hannah


Reflective Resonance

Reflective Resonance™ is a powerful distance channeled healing modality that can help free you from whatever is holding you back...

Laurie-Elle connects to your energy and the messages waiting for you from your Spirit Team and Highest Self.

These messages are then “reflected” back to you in the form of a story; the messages are always what your Highest Self is wanting you to know at this present moment in time.

In addition to the messages that are waiting for you, you will also experience a profound energetic healing. This healing is exactly what your Highest Self knows you need to help you move forward in your day to day life, as well as on your personal spiritual journey.

Intuitive Guidance & Healing

Intuitive Guidance & Healing Sessions are laser-focused remote sessions that offer you information, direction and clarity around any immediate questions and concerns you may have....

Laurie-Elle channels on-the-spot guidance and energetic clearing, while also determining and identifying any deeper energetic imbalances or areas that may need attention.  

This is the perfect session for clients who previously experienced a Reflective Resonance™ Healing and are looking for additional direction and guidance, or for the customer who has something very specific they are need immediate clarification about.


REAP Healing & Intuitive Guidance Sessions

REAP Healing Method

R.E.A.P. helps us realign and return to our natural state.  By working with eleven different centers in the body, R.E.A.P. clears energy blockages and strengthens areas in need of attention.  It works on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level and also aligns clients with their "Higher Self" - awakening and restoring them to a truer way of being.  This healing combined with intuitive guidance gives you clarity, a sense of well-being and inner peace.

Move away from Suffering, Closer to Joy...

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